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Welcome to Caveman Construction Gear

Design and Build

We design and build quality golf courses from the ground up. We are the Cavemen who construct golf courses with bulldozers, excavators, sand pros, rakes, shovels and occasionally sticks.

Here at Caveman Construction Gear we are sharing some of our favorite "gear" that we wear out on site or playing golf with our fun Caveman logo on it. Proceeds from sales of our products go to our Caveman Scholarship Program. http://outpostfoundation.org/2021-caveman-scholarship


Small Batch Gear

We are an intentionally small team bringing the best quality to our work on new golf courses, restorations and renovations. We handcraft our golf courses and take on a limited number of projects to be able to provide the best service and attention to detail. As an extension of this we are providing small batches of gear to you. Please be patient with us as we go forth in this new venture. We are looking forward to bringing you new products as we create them and add them to our story. Thank you for supporting the Caveman Scholarship with your purchase!