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The Bert Hat

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Bert is a good friend of the Cavemen!  He wears this great hat made by Imperial to protect himself from the elements!  It is his favorite hat so we thought we should offer it to y'all with Bert's favorite team color embroidered in the Caveman logo - that would be The Roll Tide Crimson.  How fun is that!  Here's the lowdown on the hat.  It comes in two sizes and is white with gray panels.

This hat comes in two sizes - S/M which is 7-7 1/4" and in L/XL which is 7 3/8-7 5/8"

More L/XL are on order, we should have them soon.  Thanks for your patience.

  • 100% polyester woven mini canvas with 3D honey comb poly mesh side panels
  • Adjustable chin-strap with additional bungee adjuster on back of crown
  • Fabric cools up to 30% cooler than skin temperature when wet
  • Wicks and transports moisture, then regulates evaporation for cooling effect
  • Brim size: Front 3 3/4″, Back 4″, Side 3″